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Wild Thyme Tea – a Mother’s Soul

When you cross upon a rocky landscape, on a dry land, up on a high plateau and the heat is all around you, just when you think that you are on wrong place at a wrong time, than, you might notice a purplish flower carpets that perfume the air with enchanting fragrance.  That is Wild Thyme, or Thymus Serpyllum, known also as… a Mother’s soul.

Wild thyme herb

Medicinal part of the herb

Medicinal ingredients are in the leaves and the flowers of the Wild thyme



The Wild Thyme is a favorite remedy of the folk medicine. It has been used for centuries primarily as a cure for digestive organs diseases. It is efficient against intestinal parasites, especially against child threadworms.

This herb is also recommendable for treating respiratory organs. And it is very good in the case of excess of mucus in the lungs, against croup or bronchial catarrh.

Also, the Wild Thyme tea has ability to stop the advancement of many pathogenic bacteria; it even destroys some of them. Definitely it is a mighty tool in the battle against the infectious diseases.

Mixing the thyme with the stinging nettle creates a compound which is very efficient in treating anemia.

wild thyme tea

Tea preparation

Many people make mistakes by boiling the thyme.

It shouldn’t be done, because the remedial ingredients of this incredibly curing herb are lost quickly. They just evaporate.

Therefore it is preferable to parboil the thyme with boiling water, cover the container immediately and leave it for an hour.

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