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Honey & Bees Nutrition

The Best Way to Eat Honey

The benefits of consuming honey are numerous. But just like any other type of food it is important when and how should you eat it to get the most of its remarkable ingredients.


The best way to consume it is to take one tablespoon on empty stomach in the morning, and one in the evening.

You should keep the honey in the mouth so it could melt slowly for a few minutes. Don’t swallow it immediately and don’t drink water. Keeping it in the mouth allows absorption of the significant part of it through the blood vessels under the tongue directly in the organism, before it gets to the stomach.

Another option is to melt one tablespoon of honey in the cup of milk or your favorite tea. Drink it slowly by keeping it for a while in the mouth. Consuming it like this activates an enzyme that stimulates antiseptic and antiviral attribute of the honey. It acts in the mouth and the throat first and afterwards in the rest of the body.

Consuming it in the morning gives strength and energy for the rest of the day. And in the night it will help you sleep better.

The honey can be put on burns right after the skin is burned. It will prevent the blisters and scars. It can be applied on small wounds and cuts too. Since it is antiseptic it will sterilize the wound and reduce the pain.

According to the latest research the honey should not be given to the children younger than 2 years. The reason is possible allergic reaction, because the honey contains many potential allergens from the nature, and the body of a small child is not yet prepared for them.

Never expose it on high temperatures, especially above 40°C (104°F) as it loses its healthy attributes. Therefore put it in the tea only when the tea is cooled.

If it’s possible consume it with wooden, porcelain or plastic tablespoon. But not metal one.

Each honey crystallizes and that is normal natural process that happens over time. None of its healthy ingredients are lost during this process. It should be warmed up a bit (never above 40°C) to regain its liquid condition.

As the saying goes… use it as a food, so you won’t have to use it as a medicine.

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