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Refreshing Homemade Peach and Strawberry Ice Cream

I’ve stumbled upon an interesting homemade ice cream recipe.

 And just as I never miss a chance to try every recipe that consists of fresh fruits or vegetables, I’m eager to try this one too.


The ingredients for this yummy ice cream are:

150 g fresh strawberries

2 ripe peaches

10 large mint leaves

3 tablespoons of sorbet

360 ml cold water


These ingredients should be enough to make 8 ice creams.



Place the strawberries in the blender along with 1 tablespoon of sorbet and 120 ml of water.

Blend it until the ingredients are well mixed.

Take 8 ice cream moulds (you can use plastic cups with suitable form) and fill 1/3 of them with the strawberries mixture.

Place an ice cream wooden stick in each mould and leave them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, until the mixture starts to solidify.

Cut the peaches in half, remove the seeds and cut them into smaller pieces.

Put the peaches in the blender, along with the mint, 2 tablespoons of sorbet and the remaining water.

Blend it until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

Add the mixture into the moulds and freeze it all along.



To make the sorbet, combine an equal amount of water and sugar and warm it over low heat until the sugar is melted.

Leave it until it’s cooled down.


Call your friends to taste this refreshing homemade ice cream. I’m sure they will love it.

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