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How to become a better person

be a better person


For a long time there was a belief that one’s character is permanent and unchangeable. In 1890 William James, a famous Harvard psychologist, stated in his works that until the period of adolescence a person character  becomes  “cemented” and it can’t be changed any more. This view dominated in the psychological circles for more than 100 years.

how good you want to be

But, the new scientific and philosophical ideas show that the character, in fact, has more fluid nature. It is considered that the people are in condition to affect the possibility to chose which personal specifics and characteristics want to develop and improve.

What is a character?

It is a typical scheme of thinking, feeling and behavior. And it is unique for every person.

When we say that somebody has a “good character”, than we consider him or her as cool, nice and pleasant person.

Anyone wants to be attractive to the others.

In that case the character has even bigger meaning than the physical appearance. Namely, it is known that more than 85% of the personal success and happiness are result of the quality of a person interaction with the environment.

Beside the improvement of the personal appearance, which needs a lot of time and resources, the research shows that we all have ability to improve our personality as much as we want.

Here are a few tips that will help you to achieve your goal:


Be a good listener

It is considered that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one of the most pleasant and most charming women in the world, because she has cultivated the ability to be an exceptional listener.  During the conversations she always looked a person in the eyes, paid attention on every word, and makes him or her feel very important. Everybody wants to be listened and their words valued.

Don’t just hear other people. Listen, and make them exceptional.  You will earn good friends for life.


Read and broaden your interests

The more one person reads and cultivates new interests, becomes more pleasant and more interesting person for the others. Meeting new people is a great chance to share those interests and ideas. All of this enriches and improves the personality.

Read everything, and everywhere. Whenever you can. Become a sponge for information’s. Feel the hunger for new information’s. Knowledge is power.


Have a personal opinion

It is very difficult to talk to somebody that has no personal opinion on anything. There is no conversation if there is no direction, there is no similar or opposite attitudes. It is always interesting when somebody has unusual view, or just a different view than the others. The unique way of expression can broaden other people perspectives. Of course this doesn’t mean that somebody has to impose one’s attitude on others.


Stay consistent, be yourself

We are all unique. Don’t try to be somebody else, or trying to change just to be accepted by someone. It will fail for sure.

Trying to imitate or copy someone else shows weak character, lack of authenticity, causes resentment by the others and lowers yours self respect.

Be yourself, your uniqueness makes you interesting. Be unique.


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