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The Chinese Clock: A Genuine Way To Control Your Body Every Day

The ancient Chinese medicine has created a genuine way to control your body every day.

It’s the Chinese body clock. A way to find out what organ is not working properly.

In fact, the Chinese biological clock shows the intervals at which the energy is circulating through the body. And the maximum energy that is present at the particular place every two hours.

If there is a problem with a certain part of the body you will experience problems. And those problems will occur at a specific 2 hours interval of time.


In total, there are 12 meridians each belonging to a major organ. The meridians operate 24 hours and are divided into 12 two-hour intervals.

So, a doctor, or a naturopath, that is familiar with this clock, may ask you in what time of the day you felt the symptoms.
Based on that information, the doctor may get an indication what causes the health problems.

You can check it by yourself. It’s simple.

Follow your biological clock and note the time when you feel the symptoms.

Check the time when you have the most energy during the day. Or if you wake up at night, what time exactly do you wake up. Because this can indicate a problem in a specific part of your body.

Through the day when you have your maximum activity, certain organs work “in earnest.”

If you experience pain in the area of a specific organ at a time when it should work at maximum (for example, pain in the liver at 2 am), it shows that there may be a problem with that organ.

The time of maximum activity of the organs

5 am – 7 am : The time of the Large Intestine

7 am – 9 am : The time of the Stomach

9 am – 11 am : The time of the Spleen, Pancreas


11 am – 1 pm : The time of the Heart

1 pm – 3 pm : The time of the Small Intestine

3 pm – 5 pm : The time of the Bladder

5 pm – 7 pm : The time of the Kidneys

7 pm – 9 pm : The time of the Pericardium, Circulation

9 pm – 11 pm : The time of the Triple Warmer or Endocrine System

11 pm – 1 am : The time of the Gall Bladder

1 am – 3 am : The time of the Liver

3 am – 5 am : The time of the Lungs

How to react at a certain time of the day following the Chinese body clock

1. The period between 5 am and 7 am is the best wake up time. Drink plenty of water so that the large intestine and the colon, could work well.

The intestine is most active during this period.

And the water that you drink will prevent constipation.It will help you look and feel younger, and it will improve the overall health.

It is the best time for removing “the burden”. By having a bowel movement.

Or, on an emotional level, just by letting go of the guilt.

So, go for a short walk, wash your body to wash away all the emotional burdens too and have a magnificent start of the day. Avoid caffeine during this period as it is a diuretic.

2. The best breakfast time is between 7 am and 9 am. It’s the Stomach time. And the breakfast is the most important meal, as it should provide you with energy to start the day.

The best choice is fruit, protein, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, healthy fats, and vitamins.

3. Between 9 am and 11 am get active and work. This is the time of maximum activity of the spleen. It is associated with mental strength, it boosts metabolism and converts nutrients into energy.

4. The time between 11 am and 1 pm is best to eat and socialize. It’s the Heart time.

Enjoy conversation with people, connect with them, cooperate and offer them help.

The lunch should be balanced and not too heavy.


5. The 1 pm and 3 pm interval is the Small Intestine time. It’s the best period for an organization and solving problems.

6. The period between 3 pm and 5 pm is the Bladder time. This is a period between meals and a good time for drinking water or other liquids.

Maybe consuming fruits, as they should be consumed separately from any meal. Irritation and timidity may occur at this period.

7. Have dinner between 5 pm and 7 pm hours and renew your energy. This is the time of the day when the kidneys work at maximum.

8. The period from 7 pm to 9 pm is the time of the Pericardium maximum activity.

That is the membrane enclosing the heart that controls the blood circulation.

And the proper circulation is important for the whole body. But it is especially important for the brain and the reproductive organs.

So this is the best time for socializing, flirting, sex, even getting pregnant.

9. From 9 pm to 11 pm is rest and relax period. This time, according to the Chinese biological clock is called Triple Warmer and it is associated with the endocrine system.

Avoid eating during these hours. If you are not at sleep hopelessness and confusion may occur.

10. The Gall Bladder time is between 11 pm and 1 am. If you have gallstones, at this time you can feel pain in the right part of your abdomen bellow the ribs.

The pain may occur at other periods of the day too, especially if you have a fatty meal. But this is the period when they occur the most.

This is the period of regeneration and replenishment of Yang energy.

11. Between 1 am and 3 am the liver works at maximum. So if you wake up at that time it means that it is overburdened with body cleansing. Thus, avoid unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol and other harmful things.

12. The 3 am and 5 am interval is time for deep sleep. If you cough during this period it means that the lungs are trying to expel the waste and replenish the oxygen in the body.

Maybe the Chinese body clock is not as precise as ultrasound or other modern technologies. But we don’t have them at home.

And it can sure help in self-diagnosing certain problems, and giving you a chance to prevent a worsening of a certain condition.

Since I have gallstones it confirmed to me that it works. And I have tested the other intervals too.

I wish that you don’t feel any disruption in the energy flow. But if you feel it, share it with us with a comment. Maybe we can find a solution together.

You can share the information with your family and friends too. Let them use the clock and make a difference in their days.

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