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Fitness & Workout Motivation

A formula for better life

Time passes relentlessly, and unfortunately there is no time machine that can take us back into the past to repair some of our mistakes, to do things differently .

But, what we have is the present and the future. Our actions today have repercussions in the future .

Today, with very little effort and exercise, we can literally save our lives, direct its course, provide a better future for ourselves and our loved ones.

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The benefits of regular physical activity are vast and numerous. And these are just a few of them that show us just how important exercise is:


1. Exercise extends life;

2. Exercise improves cardiovascular and respiratory system;

3. Exercise removes toxins from the body;

4. Exercise improves mood;

5. People who exercise on regularl basis have a reduced risk of getting cancer;

6. Exercise has positive effects on the immune system;

7. Women who are physically active have a reduced risk of breast cancer;

8. Regular physical activity provides better concentration;

9. People who exercise regularly, rarely suffer of depression and other related disorders;

10. People who exercise have better attitude towards their own body and better acceptance of themself and their body;

11. Regular exercise strengthens bones, increases their density, bone mass and bone ability to sustain mechanical stress and fractures ;

12. Those who exercise, sleep better;

13. Exercise contributes to self-esteem and confidence;

14. Improves sex.


What is your favorite type of exercise?


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